A water vortex is the centerpiece of the 'Mandarin Technologies' System, the design of a vortex is a perfect golden ratio symmetry in its function. The unit is scaled using the principle of dividing Planck Length X Planck Time X Golden Ratio, this unique symmetry is found in all life, from the unfolding of a rose to the curves of the human body, Mandarin technologies uses this amazing principle to spin and structure water.

The principals of spinning water into a vortex for the purpose of structuring water are well known, Mandarin Technologies co. uses a Vortex chamber to create a water vortex in perfect Golden Ratio symmetry, because a vortex uses Golden Mean Ratio. The vortex created feels silky and smooth and is of the highest quality. The water reacts to the touch because of the nature of the vortex energy created. It is this effect that ensures that your water is properly structured and ready to enter our magnetic array, which is another feature of Mandarin Water’s System.

This silky smooth, structured water passes through our magnetic designed of high flux density magnets, which are properly magnetically shielded to created a powerful mono-polar effect.

The science embedded in our technology utilizes implosion, golden mean ratio and a propriety magnetic array, uniquely arranged to create the most aligned, intense magnetic flux lines.

The Mandarin unit incorporates all of these features It is technology that has never been achieved before; a unique magnetic array is combined with a specially designed directional vortex nozzle, using the GOLDEN MEAN RATIO. Flux lines are draw into Implosion, which causes intense and increased redox potential in water, which has the effect of de-clustering its molecules.

This means better absorption of nutrients into seedlings and maximizing crops yields Our mission is to continually research and develop innovative technologies and products that are meaningful and enriching to people’s lives, businesses and the environment.

The Science Behind Vortex design battern

Our Vortex design is based on phase conjugate HYDRODYNAMICS (liquid implosion) COMBINED with PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS

The extreme converging magnetic flux lines - create the centripetal inertia at the liquid molecular level - which creates the spin cycle of the wash machine - sorting by mass. Resulting in the increase molecular order and spin density.

The science of water is becoming more complex and surprising all the time. It is not just a single homogenous substance that we have thought it to be. For example, water (H2O) has many varieties depending on which of the three hydrogen isotopes are involved, the size of the loosely held molecular groups called “charge clusters”, the frequencies both subtle and gross that can be imprinted on and held by water, and the way water is structured, etc. Water is an absolutely key ingredient in producing Life as we know it. Mandarin Water Technologies Company has developed technology, called Vortex, which treats water to both support and enhance the Life Quality in seeds and plants.

What is Phase Conjugation?

As modern physics is discovering, everything is composed of waves: matter, energy in all forms, all Life, you, me, everything. The Universe is awash in waves that for the most part interfere with each other in ways which diminish and cancel each other out. Phase Conjugation is a wave phenomenon whereby certain conditions, geometries and magnetic arrangements etc., cause waves to strengthen each other as they come together by adding and multiplying each other. All Life, in order to be at all, is characterized by phase conjugation of a certain sort. Through our research, we have identified principles, aspects and factors affecting the kinds of order that enhance Life and have developed a magnetic array technology that can be used to bring about favorable phase conjugation in water which supports Life.

What is Centripdal Force?

In the fluid dynamics sense, centripedal force refers to the suction process that causes fluids to move inwards and towards the centre in a spiraling whirling path. It can be called a vortex and affects the nature of water in profound ways. The opposite of centripedal force is the familiar centrifugal force that we felt strongly as children hanging onto a spinning merry-go-round to avoid being spun off. Centripedal force is just as strong a force but acts towards the centre. Centripedal force as applied to water causes implosion which has profound effects on the nature of water. Mandarin Device uses an intricately designed and precisely engineered nozzle to set up a centripedal force which causes implosion in water.

Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photography is a type of photogram created by high voltage, sometimes referred to as ”electrophotography“. An object is placed on a photographic plate, which is connected to a source of voltage. This technology allows an object’s energy field to be visually captured. You can think of this as a bio electrical/magnetic field. Either way it is an expression of how well the universal life forming energetic process is present and able to perform its task.

The following images are of two water droplets taken from the same tap using Kirlian Photography. The image shown on the left is of a water droplet taken from regular untreated tap water prior to installing the Vortex Water Revitalizer. The image shown on the right is of a water droplet taken from the same tap water, after it has been treated with the Vortex Water Revitalizer.

Before the Vortex Water Revitalize
After Vortex Water Revitalize

"Dual-Differential Kirlian" analysis. This allows a single energy pulse to get distributed to two subjects for the same exact energy setting and duration, assuring a fair test of both. This allows a perfect comparison of a "charged" and "uncharged" water for instance to be done, again on a single shot. This assures the people viewing the comparison that it is correct to say that one has "more" or less energy than the other".

One can clearly see the difference in the energy emitted from these two water droplets. The Revitalized Water droplet is letting off almost triple the energy field of the untreated water droplet.

How do you think drinking water from the Vortex Water Revitalizer would assist the learning process in any kind of educational situation i. e. universities?

Urine sample before and after vortexing tab water
Urine sample before & after drinking vortexed tab water

The increase in energy in the water using Mandarin vortexing technology, not only benefits you and your body. You can now share these benefits with the bigger environment affected by your more or less inefficient local sewage and waste water treatment plant. Simply by installing any of the Vortex Water Revitalizers you can have a profoundly positive way of providing environmental benefits to our fragile world. The Vortex Water Revitalizer is one of those very rare technologies, which is 100% beneficial both to the user (you) and our natural environment.

Turbulent Flow

In fluid dynamics, turbulent flow is characterized by the irregular movement of particles (one can say chaotic) of the fluid. In contrast to laminar flow the fluid does not flow in parallel layers, the lateral mixing is very high, and there is a disruption between the layers. Turbulence is also characterized by recirculation, eddies, and apparent randomness. In turbulent flow the speed of the fluid at a point is continuously undergoing changes in both magnitude and direction.

Detailed knowledge of behaviour of turbulent flow regime is of importance in engineering, because most industrial flows, especially those in nuclear engineering are turbulent. Unfortunately, the highly intermittent and irregular character of turbulence complicates all analyses. In fact, turbulence is often said to be the “last unsolved problem in classical mathemetical physics.”

The main tool available for their analysis is CFD analysis. CFD is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve turbulent fluid flows. It is widely accepted that the Navier–Stokes equations (or simplified Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equations) are capable of exhibiting turbulent solutions, and these equations are the basis for essentially all CFD codes.