The only way many of the properties of water can be explained is by understanding that water has a unique molecular structure. Scientific research centers around the world have become increasingly interested in the unusual properties of water and are now providing new empirical and scientific data.

Understanding of the true nature and qualities of water means to reach far beyond the chemical understating of H2O. It exhibits numerous unusual physical and bio physical properties, unlike any other substance in the world. One of the most important properties discovered in water is the ability to store information.

Hexagonal Water and unconventional science

An overview of one of the most amazing discovery of the century.

The working part of the water structuring unit is the water itself. Revolutionary flow-form elements inside mandarin water structured units guide the water’s flow through the unit to create an environment that allows the water to clean itself, as happens in Nature, under the right conditions. Under those conditions the water flows at maximum velocity in specific geometrical patterns– a double vortex. The flow and counter flows create an environment of dynamic shear and pressure differentials that turns water into a machine.

Mandarin Structured Water and it’s free flow elements are so precisely engineered, will proceed in a double vortex movement as it travels through the unit.

The velocity and spinning action that is created in the structuring unit were calibrated to reach the perfect speed for the perfect dynamic of change. Here the force of the rushing spinning water molecules builds bio-photonic energy in the water and the thrashing movements change the angle of the bonds that unite the hydrogen atoms– an element that exists in all things.

Water moving through the Structured Water unit is processed in an environment of dynamic shear and pressure differentials.

The Change In The Hydrogen Bond Angle Is The “Mechanism Of Change”. The Angle Change Instantly Transforms Physical Characteristics And Energetic Components, As Follows.

  • Large low energy water molecule clusters, which result from water’s travel through pipes and city filtration systems, are broken down into smaller high-energy clusters of 5-20 molecules. (This is the cluster size range to which the cell membrane wall provides immediate access.)
  • Molecular displacements occur (solids are crushed) which creates change to underlying energies.
  • Positively charged ions, which are biologically harmful components, are absorbed by the negative ions, thereby eliminating biologically harmful energy patterns. The associated physical elements, are consequently void of qualities that would make them absorbable or able to adhere to other physical matter. When such matter is consumed it is, therefore, eliminated by the body’s elimination system same as other physical waste material.
  • The geometry and energy patterns of healthful minerals are redefined in a way that increases absorption and energetic value to the body.
  • The energy pattern that underlies the water molecule is redefined to reflect water's natural healthy energy pattern and the influx of bio-photonic energy that is created during the structuring process.
  • The surface tension of the water molecule is returned to natural level, thereby undoing the hardening effects of travel though plumbing lines and city filtration systems.

The Structured Energy pattern of water is a formulation that is zero point perfection. Structured hydrogen is coherent energy. It is hydrogen in perfection. Structured hydrogen changes everything it comes in contact with.”

Clayton Nolte, Inventor of Structured Water Units


When water is processed through the Mandarin structured water unit, the water’s large clusters of groups of gathered molecules are caused to spin as they move against the geometric flow forms configured within the unit. The resulting action of the centrifugal force and multi directional spinning forces the water clusters to break into smaller tiny groups of 5- 20 molecules per group. In this event, large low energy water molecule clusters are broken down into smaller high-energy clusters.

Evidence Tap Water Passed Through Mandarin structured water unit Changes to Structured Water.

Visit our Research & Test results page for details about scientific comparisons of tap water before and after processing with a Mandarin Structured Water unit. Included therein is a report by A.G. Haglis, which was published in May 2012. This significant scientific study includes remarkable photographic evidence of changes. According to the researchers, the photos show evidence of increased bio-availability and life force energy, removal of toxins, and the formation of star shaped clusters. The researcher's conclusion: Therefore, the sample has achieved a water quality level that is normally only to be found in high-quality natural spring water." The photographic evidence from that study is displayed immediately below.

The images were produced using a 400,000X microscope.

The image shows water molecular in a sample of Neutral tap water, Bottighofen, Switzerland.

The image on the right shows the same water after processing with Mandarin structured water unit.

Sacred Geometry has to do with everything. It is everything. Basically this unit helps water to go back to its perfect structure that it has in nature. Structured water has a life force energy. Anything good for life is carried on the outside of the water molecule and easily assimilated. Anything not good for life is pulled to the inside of the molecule and shielded. So life becomes the filter, passing through and going back into nature. Structured water has a balanced spin of counter-rotating fields. The more balanced the spin, the more equal, the more pure the structure. Living water in its natural state has the same counter-rotating fields. All I've done is create a balanced field so water can remember its natural state.

Clayton Nolte, Inventor of Structured Water Units


"Structured Water" is a term that refers specifically to water with molecules that are highly organized (coherent) and have properties, characteristics and available energies that are only life-supporting. It is instantly hydrating, naturally alkaline, rich in oxygen, negative hydrogen ions, and bio-photonic energies and most fit to efficiently serve the body’s water needs (see Benefits). Whereas, tap water is typically H2O, Structured Water is H3O2.

Compared to other water, Structured Water:
  • 1. has different optical properties;
  • 2. has a negative electrical potential/charge;
  • 3. is more dense and it’s molecules gathered more tightly and so it has a relatively higher resistance to flow;
  • 4. has higher boiling and lower freezing points;
  • 5. Its refractive index and density are both about 10 percent higher;
  • 6. super-conducts photons and electrons;
  • 7. has a far greater capacity to activate light photons, and increase the biological and chemical activity of water; and
  • 8. restricts solutes/dissolved substances from entering.

Structured Water’s (protective) exclusion of solutes is the underlying reason for Washington Bio-engineering professor and Structured Water expert, Dr. Gerald Pollack calling Structured Water “exclusion zone” or “EZ water” .


Surface Tension relates to the exterior wall of the water molecule. That wall has a resistance or buoyancy that makes it possible for objects to float on water.
Surface tension is measured in “Dynes”/cubic centimeter; the higher the number the higher the surface tension. The ideal surface tension for penetration of the cell membrane is 46 dynes.

This is not just any water - our bio-water, the water within our bodies, is highly structured. Everywhere water is found in the body - which is, virtually, everywhere, it is found to exist in a state of complex, geometrically ordered molecule arrangements…on which our physical, emotional, energetic, and consciousness systems depend on for health and proper functioning.

Excerpt, “Water Codes: The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment,” Dr. Carly Nuday, November 2014..

Research studies show that the greater the structuring of the water around the cells and DNA of our body, the healthier the body. Structured Water is actually part of the structure of each cell and essential for proper cellular functioning. Dr. Gerald Pollack explains:

the water inside your cells is absolutely critical for your health. If you have a pathology of an organ, it's not only the proteins inside that organ that are not working, but also the water inside that organ. That near-protein water is not ordered in the way it should be.

excerpt, Dr. Pollack interview with Dr. Mercola , January 29, 2011.

The connection between health conditions and disorder in cellular water has been scientifically verified and has predictive value

The feedback loop between the loss of structure in the body's water and the manifestation and development of disease is no longer theory. Researchers at the University of Southern California have successfully measured disruptions in cell waters that predict pre-pathological conditions - diseases that are undetectable and don't yet display any symptoms, but which will develop into symptoms over time

Dr. Carly Nuday, Water Codes

Dr. Pollack suggests that the large net negative charge in Structured Water acts as a battery in water for electromagnetic radiations from the sun. Although the mechanisms are not yet understood, researchers agree sun light radiation, the frequencies of earth’ s electromagnetic field and warmth, including the body’s own heat, help create structured cellular water. Hence deficiencies in any of these 3 cause structured cell water to degenerate. Degeneration also results from biological stressors, (e.g., emotional/psychological disturbance, environmental and ingested pollutants, poor diet). As related below the water molecule’s structure is also responsive to the quality of nearby energies (benevolent, malevolent) associated with concepts, sounds and images. Only water that has been sufficiently structured can enter a cell and repair and replenish cellular Structured Water.

Earth’s Healing Waters are Structured Water
There are regions of the earth where water is thought to be responsible for the longevity of people in those regions. The naturally occurring waters in the Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan has been linked to the remarkable longevity of the people who live in the region. The waters of Lourdes in France, Ganges River in India and waters of Tiacotle Mexico are other natural waters that are venerated for their health giving properties. Testing shows these waters have the signature of the Structured Water found in cells.

Structured Water is Protective Water

Another attribute special waters have is the ability to attract and encapsulate within the water molecule elements that are biologically adverse (positively charged). When this water is consumed it attracts these elements as it passes through to the elimination system. Elements that are life supporting ride on the exterior of the water molecule and are released as the water traverses through the body.

Structured Water and the Zero-Point State.

Structured Water is optimal water. Its clusters are more perfectly aligned so that two electrons are being given and received simultaneously - essentially creating a “zero-point” hydration state. Water that is in a zero-point state brings living energy and delivers it to any and all points of connection. That is exactly what the structuring devices deliver from the water processed using Mandarin Water technology. .

Structured Water is highly stable. It frees excess oxygen. It supports aerobic bacteria and kills anaerobic bacteria. Consuming Structured Water instantly hydrates the cells. In the QXCI machine, you would instantly see the results in twenty-two seconds, from the time you think you're going to pick up the glass and drink from it. When you drink tap water, your body expends around one hundred KW of energy to be hydrated. With Structured Water, hydration is instantaneous and its energies are immediately available

Structured Water is Profoundly Responsive to Energies

Dr. Bernard Grad, McGill University and Dr. Maurice Vogel, who is referred to as the father of Structured Water science, both reported finding direct proof that consciousness and benevolent energies organize ordinary water to be Structured Water. Similar findings have been demonstrated by researchers (e.g., Masaru Emoto, Laurent Costa, Konstantin Korotkov) who used photographic equipment to investigate the effects of different energies on water’s molecular structure. These included the energies of emotion, music, intention, language, light, colors, and radiation from computers and cell phone. In each instance, energy that was positive to life produced Structured Water formations, whereas negative incoherent energies broke the water down into irregular shaped blobs.

Effects Documented by Dr. Emoto

Researcher Dr. Masuru Emoto took thousands of photographs which show the geometrical structuring of the water molecule is profoundly influenced by the energies to which it is exposed. He investigated environmental influences and the effects of written and spoken words, music and visual images.

He found the structure of the water molecule was coherent in peaceful environments and destructed in environments where there was discord or hardship. Concepts of love, gratitude, happiness etc. whether in word, visual imagery or music, induces the water molecule to assemble into an organized crystalline structure. Whereas, sadness, anger, erratic harsh sounding music etc., destructs the symmetry and geometry of the water molecule. Images of energy effects on water molecules, which were documented by Dr. Masuru Emoto are shown immediately below.

Natural Waters

South Korea




Love & Gratitude

Praying to polluted water



Instrumental Music

Heavy Metal

Air on a G String, Bach

Inst. Music and Lyrics

'Heartbreak Hotel', Presley

'Imagine', John Lennon



Niagara Falls

Dr. Emoto also investigated the effects of spoken words on water’s energies in relation to its ability to preserve food– specifically, rice. He placed rice in 3 glass beakers, covered the rice completely with water and treated each beaker for 30 consecutive days. After speaking the words, “thank you”, daily to the first beaker, the rice in the first beaker fermented and had a strong pleasant aroma. The words, “you’re an idiot” spoken to second beaker caused its rice to turn black. The rice in the third beaker, which was completely ignored, began to rot. This experiment has also been repeated with the same results with words written on labels that were attached to the beakers of rice.

Since Structured Water in Nature and Structured Water in the human body have the same signature - exact same properties and behavior, Structured Water researchers, such as Dr. Emoto, suggest the body’s water reacts similarly when exposed to the energies of words, music, visual imagery etc.; hence, proof that life affirming words thoughts, and deeds have health-enriching effects. It is hugely significant that the human body has trillions of trillions of water molecules and the word “love” and benevolent energies provide a vibrational match to create Structured Water. These discoveries inform us that Structured Water - healing health-supportive water, may infuse the body with benevolent resonant energy and that benevolence is the body’s natural healthy state.

The Unique Physical Arrangement of Structured Water

As mentioned above, Structured Water is H3O2. Water's crystalline structure is based on tetrahedral geometry where oxygen atoms form the center of each tetrahedron. Under ideal circumstances, as the tetrahedron begin to join together a repeating hexagonal pattern is created with oxygen atoms forming the vertices.

Structured water is an arrangement of molecules– actually groups of hydrogen and oxygen, in ordered, repeating geometric formations, same as solid crystal. Structured water is also called “hexagonal”, which relates to the fact that the repeating geometric pattern is a composite of 6 water molecules that consistently link to form a ring-like structure. The illustrations below show (L) a disorganized incoherent array of water molecules which is typical of ordinary water and (R) coherent Structured Water molecules .

Water clustering formation Showing crystalline arrangement The images were taken by Martin Chaplin.

The molecules are bonded together by hydrogen atoms. The angle of the hydrogen bond in a clustered group of 20 sets of 6, is 114.5 degrees. Water becomes disorganized once the cluster size exceeds 20 sets, because above 20, the hydrogen bond angle can no longer support the crystalline structure. The important thing about the bond angle is that as it increases, the number of water molecules in the geometric form decreases, thereby strengthening the integrity of the structure. The hydrogen bond angle in tap water is 90 degrees, whereas, the bond angle in Structured Water varies between 114.50 degrees and 180 degrees, depending on cluster size. Groups of water molecules with a bond of angle of 114.5 degree or larger have immediate passage through the cell membrane wall. They are also adverse to pathogens, viruses, bacteria ...all positively charged - the marker of everything that is biologically harmful.

Conclusion: The Structured water is!

1- The Ultimate Health Food

2- The Greatest Natural Medicine

3- The Most Economical Fuel and Energy Source

How the Structured Water Unit Helps Heal the Planet; It has Infinite Possibilities

  • The exchange between nature's systems always creates a surplus of energy.
  • Water exists within almost every religious system as the expression of mans connection to the inner harmonies and rhythms in nature.
  • Man became dysfunctional with the harmony of nature during the advent of civilization.
  • Water is the great mediator between the energetic and material world, between that of pure light and that of matter.
  • Water has no inherent form of its own; water embraces the form of everything it comes in contact with.
  • Water becomes the carrier of life, the chief communicator channel between life energies.
  • Water is the accumulator, transmitter and transducer of energies and is continually transferring life processes from one system to another in its helical evolutionary manner.
  • The connection with water was lost by man when he turned from internal insight, which comes through nature's rhythms and energies of life cycles around us.
  • The explosive hydrocarbon technologies are robbing the earth of its oxygen resources at an alarming rate.
  • The wonder of oxygen, with its ability to capture and transport non-vectored or feminine quality life force energies, is our single greatest resource.
  • The depletion of oxygen overshadows all other pollution concerns.
  • Water has the ability to hold memory through its geometric structuring.
  • Structured water freezes at a lower temperature compared to anomalous water.
  • A very simple test for measuring anomalous water is its freezing points.
  • Structured water increases absorption of minerals, medications or any other supplement to 100 percent.
  • Through the process of entrainment Structured Water continues its life giving properties long after its intended use.
  • Structured Water requires no physical energy which is recommended for hydration. Structured water in its perfection knows what is good for life and what is not by the negative & positive charges on each component.
  • There are 66,000 pollutants that can be dissolved in water.
  • Water becomes dead water when run through 300 feet of straight pipe.