• Structuring water for life

    Mandarin Structured Water Devices help to awaken something special that is present in all waters, and a key element in the quality of all life.

    Introducing “Structured Water”, water as nature intended.

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  • Mandarin Vortex

    Enjoy the ultimate benefits when using our Mandarin Vortex in your farm, bool & industry

    Agriculture, Poultry, Livestock, Fish farming & various water based industries..

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  • Mandarin HomeEdge

    The Ultimate Way to Good Health

    Drinking water, washing and cleaning, food and beverages, house plants, appliances.. etc

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Introducing to you H3O2 as known as

Brilliant ‘flow design’ devices create a softer, super-hydrating water molecule. Mandarin structured water devices will improve your water for a lifetime…

In structured water the water molecules are arranged in an ordered, consistent, geometrical pattern, similar to solid crystals. Therefore we can refer to structured water as crystalline water.

The fourth phase of water, not H2O but H3O2, and can be called living water. It’s more viscous, dense, and alkaline than regular water; has a negative charge and can hold energy, much like a battery, and deliver energy too.

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Structured water's concept!

We are about to turn much of what you think you know about water UPSIDE DOWN

The working part of out water structuring units is the water itself. Revolutionary flow-form elements inside mandarin water structured units guide the water’s flow through the unit to create an environment that allows the water to clean itself, as happens in Nature, under the right conditions. Under those conditions the water flows at maximum velocity in specific geometrical patterns– a double vortex. The flow and counter flows create an environment of dynamic shear and pressure differentials that turns water into a machine.

Mandarin Structured Water and it’s free flow elements are so precisely engineered, will proceed in a double vortex movement as it travels through the unit.


We offer 24 months full money back guarentee

We are so positive you will see the energetic results we’ve seen so many others experience with Mandarin Structured Water that we are willing to make the following guarantee… You have 24 Months to try out your Mandarin Structured Water Devices and if you are not totally satisfied, you are covered by a Money-Back Guarantee!


The main difference between our products and its competitors is the fact that it works. This is important because there are many imitations in the market just to squeeze the money from people

Best Design

Specially designed device allows water of higher salinity/hardness ratio to be full energized by Mandarin technologies


Our devices are made from hard stainless steel with three protective layers against sun lights, heat & erosion


Because we ensure the efficiency of our products we provide a full back-money financial guarantee for 24 months

No. 1 In EU

For years, Mandarin Tech. satisfies the ambition of its customers and is therefore ranked 1st in the EU market

How do Mandarin structured water revitalizers work?

Just like rocks in a flowing stream, Mandarin structured water revitalizers restore water to its pristine, natural state. In a stream water impacts against the rocks and its molecules are forced to shift around. This creates eddy currents that scatter the molecules. The molecules are then de-constructed leaving the water fresh and energized. Mandarin Water Energisers operates in the same manner. Water impacts the edge stators causing the molecules to shift around, creating eddy currents that scatter the molecules and resulting in de-constructed and fresh, energized water.


HomeUse Benefits

  • Reduces concentration of chlorine
  • Dissolves hard water minerals
  • Reduces amount of soaps and detergents needed
  • Increases longevity of all systems that use water
  • Does not scale deposits on the bathroom floor and walls
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Health Benefits

  • Maximized hydration
  • Boosts immune system
  • Softens hair & skin
  • Beneficial for liver, kidneys, sore throat, menstrual and menopause discomfort
  • Improves hydration of all cells and organs
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Science & Technology

Mandarin Technologies Brings Expert, Path-Breaking Knowledge Together With Technological Expertise To Offer Targeted Solutions In Water Resource Utilization.

The Company Also Offers Radical, Efficient Technology To Provide Better Water Solutions To Various Sectors.

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