Water: A Fractal Antenna

Remember when cell phones had long, straight sticks sticking out of them for an antenna? Then came the fractal antenna: a revolutionary antenna design that allowed for greater information transfer. The development that allows for our smartphones, Wi-Fi, and GPS. It is an antenna that is designed using…you guessed it, fractals. How did they do it? By foldingthe antenna into a snowflake shape or sacred geometric form - a shape with smaller repeating patterns, and many angles and edges.

Turns out that all of these angles, edges, and intersections allow for massive information transfer and reception, thanks to all of these fractals. And it turns out that water has massive amounts of various angles, edges, and intersections within it's complex crystallographic arrangements - which is what allows it to be so incredibly, incredibly responsive - a phenomena we have seen over, and over, and over again. Most people know this phenomena - but we guarantee we're the first ones to know how it works.

So what exactly is a Fractal?

fractal water

A fractal is a similar pattern that repeats itself on a smaller and smaller scale. It is a shape that can be split into parts, usually under greater and greater magnification, where we can see that each part is (approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole. They are the beautiful symmetry of self-repeating and self-similar patterns that we see in plants, like the Romanesco broccoli pictured right, or in corals, shells, and snowflakes. They involve complex patterns, with specific angles and edges, and follow the "as above, so below" principle.

Plant Fractality

fractal plant

These specific angles and edges are on specific mathematical ratios and are actually the points that receive and project information. By folding the antenna into a fractal snowflake-like pattern, our cellular phones have many more points to receive and transmit information. Likewise, by fractalizing radio waves, we are able to encode the information of the radio station (and thus project it to your radio - as fractal patterns, edges, and angles, on the radio wave.

Water, as we know, is incrediblyresponsive, and this is how. It has an intricate structure of fractal geometric form that allows it to receive, transmit, and encode masses of information. It displays every crystallographic pattern found in nature, in infinite combinations and abilities - thus, no two snowflakes are ever like.

It is infinite combinations that allow water to compute information. Thus, when we speak words, have a conscious thought, or project intention onto water, it:

  • Receives this information along it's fractal nature - which is so complex in it's arrangement that there is no loss of integrity of the information - every piece of it is received in it's entirety.
  • Computes this information along it's complex pattern network, and,
  • Translates and encodes this information as appropriate pattern reflections - showing us the translation of consciousness, intention, and energy into geometric forms - which of course emulates various sacred geometries and shapes honored throughout history.

Your Body, Your Water: Your Fractal Antenna

So consider this for the water in your body: the water in your body is not just snowflake-like - it is an entire network of trillions of trillions of molecules. This single water cluster pictured here is made of 1,820 water molecules. Multiply that by trillions and trillions - and you have 99.95% of your body. This is the most complex, multi-dimensional, geometrically based liquid-snowflake you can't even possibly imagine - we are as capable of realizing the complexity of this intricate system as we are capable of comprehending infinity. Oh, and don't forget - this system also has the capability of reforming itself instantly in response to information - every quadrillionth of a second, even - keeping the most accurate history of our experience possible, which is constantlyup-to-date with the information of the present moment - and it intelligently encodes, computes, and translates this information.

water crystal structure formations

It is also the way in which our water system is capable of storing our entire consciousness. Capable of computing information, allowing us to compute vast amounts of information - like our response to stimuli, which takes into consideration all of the triggers and inputs of our entire experience. Our memories, conditioning, fears, beliefs, insecurities, self-confidence, intelligence, etc. etc. etc. - everything that makes you, you, is what affects how we perceive our present situation. All of this information is stored in our water system, in its complex forms and structures, and it is our fractal antenna bio-water which is intelligently computing all of this information throughout its flexible, liquid crystalline network.

Consider "thoughts". From a scientific standpoint, we used to believe that a "thought" originated in the brain, and then caused physical changes throughout the body. Some theorized that it originated in the heart as an emotion, which was transmitted to the brain for 'linear processing' in word form. But then, science realized that a "thought" actually occurs across the whole body instantly, with no apparent "source" of origination. At the same moment that activity is sparking in the brain, it is also sparking in the heart, as changes in it's heart rate and electromagnetic field. It is also sparking at the exact same time in the immune system, in response to the thought. The "thought" appears to occureverywhere in the body, all at once.

So where did the thought actually start? That's right, as changes in the water system. It fractalized it's network through changes in it's structure, creating a different pattern of geometric form - patterns which compute the exacting response by the heart, brain, body, and consciousnesses to represent our "thought." This is how we become the single, most malleable computer - capable of transmitting and receiving an infinite amount of information - from our consciousness to our karma - through our fractal antenna water system.

Water is a fractal antenna processing system. A multi-dimensional and...quantum computer with a processing speed from a trillion to potentially quintillions of hz. A tetra to pentahertz quantum computer processing DNA life software and communicating with environmental energies as pattern code.

Dr. Stoppelbein