Non-toxic mineral scale prevention and scale removal.

Eliminate toxic chemicals and maintenance with Mandarin Vortex.

Mandarin Vortex is an effective treatment for scale prevention as it reduces precipitation on solid surfaces. Mandarin Vortex units will also reduce existing scale buildup once installed. As a chemical-free water descaler for commercial, industrial and residential applications, Mandarin Vortex guarantees reduced total dissolved solids (TDS) and sodium adsorption ratios (SAR’s), reduced energy use by a minimum of 10% due to both friction loss and cleaner pipes, reduced need for expensive and damaging chemicals, and significantly reduced maintenance while extending the longevity of irrigation lines, pipes, nozzles, equipment and appliances.

Mandarin Vortex’s water softening units bust hard water molecule clusters loaded with minerals apart and keeps them in suspension with polarized electrons inhibiting the process of calcification, and softening water without the need for salts for scale reduction, scale removal and scale prevention. Zero chemicals, energy or maintenance needed to keep equipment running, extend equipment longevity and improve the performance of salts, soaps, detergents and other cleaning agents.

Solve hard water issues without chemicals or acid wash.

  • Treats rust, iron, iron bacteria, calcium, lime, and hard water issues in pipes, plumbing, nozzles and interior surfaces
  • Corrosion and mineral scale prevention and scale removal from pipes, equipment & emitters
  • Less chemicals needed due to increased solubility and dissolvability
  • Reduces maintenance down-time and expense
  • 12.5% to 16.9% pumping energy savings
  • Increased water flow with same pressure
  • Decreased friction and viscosity
  • Increased equipment longevity
  • Reduced temperature

Hard Water | Scale Removal and Prevention

Because mineral scale buildup reduces water flow, it can dramatically affect water pressure and flow velocity, plus create flow blockages, among other results that hinder energy conservation and can add up to a major increase in power bills and additional money spent on replacing equipment.

When water flows into Mandarin Vortex's specialized magnetic field, hydrodynamic magnetic resonance is applied alongside other principles of physics, thus restructuring and invigorating the water. This action inhibits the minerals from bonding into the larger water molecules which cause scale buildup. Instead, the mineral elements are held in suspension and repel each other, which inhibits the process of calcification. The result: the smaller (restructured) water clusters pass through pipes quickly and cleanly– and averts scale buildup. Simply, water is made soft without the use of chemicals or energy or maintenance.

Magnetic treatment directly influences the carbonate equilibrium in water, leading to the formation of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) particles in solution that then cannot precipitate on pipe walls and other equipment, but rather stay in suspension within the water. Patented in 1945 (Vermeiren), magnetic water can be used to prevent and remove scale and is currently common global use of this water technology.

The effect of Mandarin Vortex on Calcium Sulfate or Gypsum scale build up will be beneficial to the user by weakening its bonds in water and decreasing the hydration of salt ions and colloids, having a positive effect on salt solubility as well as inducing precipitation crystals (CaSO4 2H2O).