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Mandarin Vortex is natural environment changer by replicating nature’s way of enhancing water at the molecular level.

Mandarin Vortex structured water revitalizer, Brilliant ‘flow design’ devices create a softer, super-hydrating water molecules.

Mandarin Vortex will improve your water source for a lifetime.

Mandarin Vortex applies the laws of physics to move the water and activate it with groups of volcanic serendibite rocks, as well as the integration of the physical laws of nature, such as Lorentz's law of power, the Fibonashi golden ratio law and the Venturi effect, using the laws of motion for liquids and constant mixing and vortex angles, and the use of magnetic energy for ionizing salts and elements. Mandrin Vortex amplifies the hydrodynamic resonance force to a completely new frequency without external components by maximizing the power of the hydrodynamic magnetic quartz ring under the influence of Lorentz force, often referred to as "structured water or living water". This in turn makes water more productive by increasing its bioavailability to plant cells. Mandarin Vortex provides more oxygen and nutrients to the plant while reducing the effect of total soluble solids (TDS), reducing the sodium absorption ratio (SAR) and preventing the accumulation of minerals. Mandrin Vortex increases the rate of nutrient melting, leading to healthier plants and greater productivity.


Based on the investigations were identified such advantages of our royal mandarin vortex over other products which can be found in the market.

The main difference between our products and its competitors is the fact that it works. This is important because there are many imitations in the market just to squeeze the money from people

Best design

Specially designed device allows water of higher salinity/hardness ratio to be full energized by Mandarin technologies


The device is made from hard stainless steel with three protective layers against sun lights, heat and erosion.


Because we ensure the efficiency of our Mandarin Vortex device we provide a full back-money financial guarantee for 24 months

No. 1 in EU

For years, Mandarin Ltd. satisfies the ambition of its customers and is therefore ranked first in the European market.

We are the best inventors of vortexed structured water units

We are not the founders of the structured water science, there are many structured water units inventors like we are
But for sure, we are the best in our field

Large-Scale Vortex Generator Changes Farming

Dr. Carly Nuday, author of "Water Codes: The Science of Health, Consciousness & Enlightenment," speaks with Adam on some of the ways that efficiency restored water can enhance agriculture. As a case-in-point they discuss the experiences of a dairy farmer after completing a cycle from first planting to harvest of organic corn.

Benefits of Structured Water for Agriculture

The Shift Doctors and Ralph Suddath discuss the benefits of Structured water to increase yield, grow healthier plants and conserve water. We present solutions to one of the biggest problems in the world.

Strawberry Fields and Vortexed Water

Documenting the potential of vortex-structured water use in agriculture, Adam Abraham visits Port Hueneme, CA and speaks with microbiologist, Joseph Johnson, who performed an experiment on a "soil deficient" section of a strawberry farm, with remarkable results.


The science behind vortex generation and the effects that it has on the various states of water have been well documented. Each researcher has developed his or her own take on why water behaves the way it does.

Viktor Schauberger

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