Increase the beauty of gardens and green trees and the shape and smell of ornamental plants and greenery and the abundance of gazelles

Mandarin Vortex is a superb engineering design that creates healthier and more humid water that benefits plants and humans badly. When water is processed and improved by Mondrine Vortex, less water is sufficient to perform the task better than normal water and provide guaranteed results.

Mandarin Vortex provides the necessary water for irrigation and saves water costs. Mandarin Vortex system ensures irrigation efficiency using salt water and eliminating the negative impact of salinity. Sweet or regular water.

Mandarin Vortex device changes the structure of the water to what is known as EZ water or the water of the restricted area, because it is perfect water structure integrated properties we call it the living water

The living water is the regulated water filled with vital energy for life and is different in structure than normal water. The normal water is H2O, but the living water structure is H3O2 This type of water is characterized by the softness, smoothness and ease of entering the plant cell membrane, which is known as the fourth phase of water. This water is able to block all contaminants from water, including salts and heavy metals, water that has a negative charge and can retain energy .

Alive structured water from Mandarin Vortex brings plants back to life

Mandarin Vortex applies the laws of physics to move the water and activate it with groups of volcanic serendibite rocks, as well as the integration of the physical laws of nature, such as Lorentz's law of power, the Fibonashi golden ratio law and the Venturi effect, using the laws of motion for liquids and constant mixing and vortex angles, and the use of magnetic energy for ionizing salts and elements. Mandrin Vortex amplifies the hydrodynamic resonance force to a completely new frequency without external components by maximizing the power of the hydrodynamic magnetic quartz ring under the influence of Lorentz force, often referred to as "structured water or living water". This in turn makes water more productive by increasing its bioavailability to plant cells. Mandarin Vortex provides more oxygen and nutrients to the plant while reducing the effect of total soluble solids (TDS), reducing the sodium absorption ratio (SAR) and preventing the accumulation of minerals. Mandrin Vortex increases the rate of nutrient melting, leading to healthier plants and greater productivity.

Mandarin Vortex structured water

Provides qualitative and quantitative benefits in landscapes

  • Treats high water salinity to serve areas with low sweet water
  • Provide water used in irrigation to 25% less
  • Increase water flow
  • Raising the efficiency of irrigation systems
  • Increase plant vitality and aromatic aroma
  • Minimize the barren rites in the gospel
  • Reducing the consumption of pesticides and fertilizers

The key parameters that influence the Mandarin Vortex treatment are the velocity of water flow in the pipe and the intensity of magnetic and quartz induction. Mandarin Technologies leads all competitors with top-quality materials and craftsmanship with the most powerful inductions available for a profoundly measurable effect.


fractal water

Mandarin Vortex's Devices typically pay for themselves within one harvest year, often with a profit, quickly returning your cost of investment. We guarantee your satisfaction with a two-year money back guarantee. Then, year after year, they deliver increased returns by improving production and yield. Proudly designed and sourced in Netherlands as the leader in chemical-free water softening since 2007.

Swimming pools benefits

  • Removes or reduces lime scale in the swimming pool and in recycling cycle.
  • Prohibits the spread of microorganisms, equivalent to acidity and reducing stress, controls the growth of legeonella and algae while minimizing the use of chemicals to control 20% to 50%٪.
  • Balances The acidity ratio and reduction voltage protects against corrosion in water distribution lines, metal parts, pumps and accessories, despite high chlorine concentrations of water.
  • Preserves sand, anthracite and fiber in filtration systems in an ideal condition that delays or even prevents deterioration and stiffness. It saves water in the washing processes of filters.
  • Reduce the smell of chlorine and prevent irritation of the skin and nasal membranes and eyes and gives a sense of softness on the skin and hair, even after the presence in the swimming pool for a long time.