Mandarin Vortex Technology In Fish Breeding

Better Fish Performance, Biosecurity & Sanitation with Mandarin Vortex's Structured Water

Almost a year ago, many researchers have proved that the within solution contained the molecular structure of proteins is formed in accordance with environmental water.

Many facts have proved that Mandarin Vortex structured water has different structure and this is one of the main reasons for the use of structured water from Mandarin Vortex and biological properties of the index. Experiments on artificial and natural environments have been strongly verified the strong effect of water on cell exchanging in organisms life. This is the reason for using magnetic devices caused to increasing speed of Pisciculture. In this method, the food and water of fish must be energized. By using Mandarin Vortex technology, the content of water oxygen has reached upper than 5 milligrams per liter without applying of Aeration System. The magnetic field also caused to destruct bacteria in water and it consequently reduces diseases by more than 3 times. In addition to the water prevent algae growing up and boost the Efficiency of water consuming. The energized food caused to enhance weighing up to 2/2 times and improves its taste. It is also observed, by installing the system in Washington State, the fertility of rainbow trout largely increases.

Fish are mainly made of protein. The biological activity of proteins of which enzymes are an important subset, is critically dependent not only on their polypeptide composition but also on the way these huge molecules are folded through the interaction of hydrogen bonds with water; this folding involves hydrogen-bonded interactions with water and spinning energy as water passes through the Mandarin Vortex. Anything that disrupts these intra-molecular hydrogen bonds will denature the proteins and destroy their biological activity and thus it would affect their yield and bioavailability. The disruption could be due to high temperature, acid and polluted environments. Mandarin Vortex water energizer sustains the folding of proteins through hydrogen bonds and disulphide bridges among amino-acids that contain Sulphur containing amino-acids, such as Cysteine and Methionine regardless of environmental acidity, pollution and high temperatures due to spinning energy that strengths the Hydrogen bond. This has a direct impact in both fish and poultry farming as it contributes to increased production yields.

Mandarin Vortex aluminates harm full chemical and gases, Cleaning of sheds and reduces germs & bacteria.

When they receive natural water that delivers extra life force energy they grow more.

Mandarin Vortex: Bound water in fish breeding

The ingestion of structured water by aquacultures has the following advantages:
  • Better metabolization of feeds with its conversion into meat.
  • Lower death ratios.
  • Lower incidence of common diseases.
  • fish's size quantity and quality are improved.

Mandarin Vortex structured water

Provides qualitative and quantitative benefits in fish breeding

  • Increases fish production
  • Increases feed efficiency
  • Increases bio-availability of nutrients
  • Improves fish health
  • Increases tolerances to temperature extremes
  • Increases fish livability
  • Faster growth rates
  • Better metabolization of feeds and its conversion into meat
  • Lower fish mortality
  • Lower incidence of common diseases
  • Smell reduction in manure
  • Higher efficiency in fish waste treatment
  • Anaerobic processes in liquid manure are changed into aerobic

The key parameters that influence the Mandarin Vortex treatment are the velocity of water flow in the pipe and the intensity of magnetic and quartz induction. Mandarin Technologies leads all competitors with top-quality materials and craftsmanship with the most powerful inductions available for a profoundly measurable effect.


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Mandarin Vortex's Devices typically pay for themselves within one harvest year, often with a profit, quickly returning your cost of investment. We guarantee your satisfaction with a two-year money back guarantee. Then, year after year, they deliver increased returns by improving production and yield. Proudly designed and sourced in Netherlands as the leader in chemical-free water softening since 2007.

Installation of Mandarin Vortex in fish farms

  • Spray-jet, Fountain nozzle.
  • The inverse system.
  • Water feeder pipeline.

Mandarin Vortex Structured water technology is ideal for aquaponics system. Test results reported on a well using a structured water device indicated increased dissolved oxygen 25% above baseline. The water is naturally soft, which will minimize or even clean out mineral deposit buildup in tubes, pipes, and water features. In studies, it has improved biomass of crop and fish yields by 27-40%. Aquaponics systems with structured water have reductions in algae growth and anaerobic bacteria, while producing more anaerobic activity. The water is cleaner and has a pollutant neutralizing effect. There are no filters to change and no chemicals used. Since the water is hydrophilic, less of it is needed than unstructured water – anywhere from 20-50% less. Better tasting, bigger crops with higher nutrient values are produced. mandarin Vortex is simple to use – in most cases, just plug it in to the water line and electricity, and you’re ready to go.

Mandarin Vortex maximizes the potential of water to it’s optimal state by improving it’s quality and bioavailability (visualize structured water with better electrons in every atom) for effective hydration, weight consistency and immunity in all animals, while using less to do more. Less of what? Water to hydrate and nourish. Antibiotics. Nutrients, since what is used transforms into a more bioavailable state. Ammonia and Co2 emissions. Toxic chemicals. Less stress, less disease, less management, less mortality. More what? Time, yields, resources, profit, animal welfare and environmental safety—and recognition for efficient and sustainable practices.

Water is in itself a critical nutrient but it also has the unique ability to carry other nutrients. Due to its hydrogen bonding capabilities water is also a universal solvent that naturally “clusters up” with a variety of minerals and other compounds both good and bad. This results in water “hardness” from calcium carbonate forming scale and clogging watering systems, high levels of salinity, iron, iron bacteria, Hydrogen Sulfide as indicated by the rotten egg smell and a host of other “passengers” that are along for the ride. Water is essential not only for consumption/animal hydration but also for reducing ambient air temperature with the use of evaporative cooling pads, fogging or misting systems and optimizing facility wash down and sanitation functions.